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Software & Development Tools - MMEDE

The Multimedia-Modeling Environmental Database (MMEDE), a FRAMES Constituent Database, is a user-friendly database that provides a listing of constituents (chemicals and radionuclides) and associated toxicological parameters typically associated with environmental risk assessments. Users can select multiple constituents per case, use the find option to search among listed constituents, and edit the database to include additional constituents. The program is useful to environmental professionals, engineers and scientists as a valuable source of constituent information and as a system for maintaining a customized environmental database.

Included with MMEDE is an editor that lets users update the constituent and parameter values in the database. The parameters for evaluation of impacts of hazardous and radioactive materials can be viewed, estimated, modified, printed, deleted, and exported. A source-of-information citation is used for every parameter value. MMEDE is distributed with environmental parameters for about 576 constituents are detailed in Chemical Databases for Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System (MEPAS): Version 1 PNL-7415/UC-602,630, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington. The values contained in the database are for use in the human health impact evaluations in applications of MEPAS©. The editor also contains algorithms for estimating a host of physical, chemical, and environmental factors.

MMEDE contains typical values for up to 42-key constituent parameters that can be used to estimate environmental concentrations, doses, and health impacts. The database has parameter-specific information for organic, inorganic, radioactive, carcinogenic, and non-carcinogenic constituents. Any or all of the constituents and their parameter values can be output as hardcopy or electronic files (several formats). The constituent parameter information was generated for use in applications for multimedia transport (air, surface water, ground water, and surface soil) and exposure models but is not limited to these applications. All parameters contained in the database have a reference field associated with them. Look-up tables can also be accessed for estimating radiation dosimetry factors for radionuclide decay chains.

Summary of Capabilities

Constituent Access -- Multiple ways of sorting constituents
Reference List -- Defines the data source of each parameter.
View Only Mode -- View, but not change database.
Edit Mode -- Enter new constituents, change references and parameters.
Print Option -- Print database information and references for 400+ constituents.
Estimation -- Methods for estimating values of nine different parameters.
Radioactive Decay -- Dose factors and decay chains for radionuclides.
Password -- Optional password protection for Edit mode.

For a complete list of parameters that can be provided by MMEDE see Constituent Database Parameters






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