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Application - Case Studies

This software platform was developed with problem-solving in mind and is application-oriented. FRAMES combines the best of both government and industrial technical knowledge and expertise and has been independently reviewed for technicality and usability. Several of FRAMES applications are described as follows:

  • FRAMES has been used for the Baseline Risk Assessment at the DOE Pantex Plant in Texas. A site-specific groundwater transport code was linked into FRAMES and its models to conduct a source to impacts analysis. A client lauded the work because of the quality results and efficient use of modeling resources.
  • The FRAMES concept was a critical component of EPA's Hazardous Waste Identification Rule (HWIR). FRAMES concepts were used to integrate selected fate, transport, exposure, and impact codes to develop nation-wide regulatory information. The EPA client awarded Battelle the highest technical and management marks possible.
  • FRAMES has been applied at several DOD sites that have been contaminated with an assortment of chemicals. FRAMES allowed Battelle staff to link their suite of environmental codes with client-preferred codes to provide the appropriate modeling system for the specific application. DOD has repeatedly come back to Battelle because of its unique capabilities and service.






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