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Frames 2x

2007 NRC Workshop on FRAMES 2.0

November 15-16, 2007
Rockville, Maryland


Materials posted by: Rick Leigh

The following table includes links to materials used in the November, 2007 NRC FRAMES 2.0 Workshop. These materials were collectively provided under the presentation number indicated above.

Section Topic Documents, Presentations, Example Files, & Links
i Cover Page -Cover Page
ii Agenda & Contacts -Agenda
-Contact List Link
Workshop Day 1
1 Introductions -Introductions Presentation
2 Overview and Philosophy of FRAMES
-Overview Presentation

Framework Development Environment (FDE)

  • Providing Password Protection and Limited Access to Models and Applications
  • FDE Editors

-Password Protection Presentation
-FDE Editors Presentation

FRAMES-2 Simulation Editor

  • Simulation Editor: Basic Features
  • FRAMES constituent Database
  • On-Line Help, References, and Sticky Notes
  • Viewers


-Simulation Editor Presentation
-FRAMES Database Presentation
-Help & Sticky Notes Presentation

5 Problem 1: Building Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) -Building CSMs Presentation
6 Problem 2: Importing a Spreadsheet and Placing it Under the Tools Menu

-Spreadsheet Import Presentation

-Calibration Spreadsheet
-General Time to Peak Spreadsheet
-Acceptance Sufficiency Table Spreadsheet
  -Acceptance Sufficiency *.MOD file (text)

7 Introduction to GENII-2
-GENII Introduction Presentation
8 Problem 3: Gaseous Effluent Dose Assessment

-GENII Gas Effluent Presentation

-GENII Air Example Simulation (Packaged)

9 Problem 4: Liquid Effluent Dose Assessment

-GENII Liquid Effluent Presentation

-GENII Liquid Example Simulation (Packaged)

Workshop Day 2
10 Announcements, Topics of the Day, and Summary of Future Enhancements -Day 2 Announcements Presentation
11 Data for Environmental Modeling (D4EM)
-D4EM Presentation
12 Problem 5: Pathways of Liquid Effluents in Groundwater and Surface Water (SAR Example)

-SAR Example Presentation

-Simulation Packages

-Summary Table Results Spreadsheet
-Time to Peak (GW) Spreadsheet
-Time to Peak (GW) *.MOD file (text)
-Time to Peak (GW) 20 Spreadsheet

-SAR Output Files (Spreadsheets)

13 Packager/Unpackager -Packager/Unpackager Presentation
14 Integrated Water Resources Modeling System (IWRMS) -IWRMS Presentation

Problem 6: Hierarchical Modeling, Linking to Science-Support Models (Groundwater Modeling System RT3D and MT3DMS)

  • FRAMES Constituent Database Editor (CDBE): Create a New Database
  • FRAMES Constituent Database Editor (CDBE): Creating/Editing a Progeny Chain
  • Sychronization Operator
  • GMS Registration
  • Application of GMS RT3D and Semi-analytical Models

-Creating a Database Presentation
-Progeny/Decay Chain Presentation
-Synchronization Operator Presentation
-GMS Registration Presentation
-Application of GMS Presentation

-Simulation Packages

-Time to Peak Spreadsheet (Chris3)
-GPR Files:
-MEPAS Output Files
-Source Output

16 Streamlining Uncertainty -Streamlining Uncertainty Presentation
Additional Notebook Materials
17 Workshop Flyer -Workshop Flyer
Link FRAMES 2.0 (Bibliographic) Master Reference List -FRAMES Master Reference List






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