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Water Flux File (.WFF)

There are currently three qualified types of the WFF, those qualifiers are: "Vadose", "Aquifer", "Surface Water". The fluxes are in pCi/yr or g/yr depending on whether the constituent is a radionuclide or chemical respectively. The flux is a spatial average through a rectangular plane segment that is the interface between one boundary and the next. These flux values are the instantaneous values at that time and location not an average. Every data set denotes another location, in most cases a downstream icon. There are NO limits on number of data sets, constituents, progeny, and time/flux pairs.

The following outline is a description of the basic information provided in the WFF. This file may be modified through an API. See the Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information. An example WFF is included after the outline. Comparing the line-by-line description in the outline to the example should clarify and help locate data contained in the WFF. Lines beginning with ';' are descriptive comments only and will not appear in the actual WFF.

For each 'Module' producing a WFF section
  A line with:
    Module Name - [STRING]
    Number of Lines in section - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  A line with:
    Number of Header Lines - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  For each 'Header Line'
    A line with:
      Header information - [STRING]
    End Line
  Next 'Header Line'
  A line with:
    Number of Data Sets - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  For each 'Data Set'
    A line with:
      Data Set Name - [STRING]
        ;Intended consuming module name, use any connected consuming module name.
        ;If the set is intended for all consuming modules then
        ;  'Data Set Name' = "All"
        ;  'Number of Data Sets' = 1
      Valid WFF Qualifier for this data set - [STRING]
        ;"Vadose" / "Aquifer" / "Surface Water"
      Width of flux plane - [FLOAT]
      Width units - [Const STRING] - "m"
      Length/Height of flux plane - [FLOAT]
      Length/Height unit - [Const STRING] - "m",
      Distance from Water Table - [FLOAT]
        ;Or the upper surface of the water body in the case of
        ;rivers, estuaries, etc. to Top of Flux plane.
        ;"0" If medium is NOT providing fluxes to the aquifer.
      Distance from Water Table unit - [Const STRING] - "m",
      Deprecated - Natural Recharge Rate - [FLOAT]
      Deprecated - Natural Recharge Rate unit - [Const STRING] - "m/yr"
      Number of Constituents - [INTEGER]
    End Line
    A line with:
      Water Flux Time unit - [Const STRING] - "yr"
      Water Flux unit - [Const STRING] - "m^3/yr"
      Number of Water Flux Time Pairs - [INTEGER]
    End Line
    For each 'Water Flux Time Pair'
      A line with:
        Time - [FLOAT]
        Water Flux - [FLOAT]
      End Line
    Next 'Water Flux Time Pair'
    For each 'Constituent'
      A line with:
        Constituent name - [STRING]
        Constituent ID - [STRING]
        Time unit - [Const STRING] - "yr"
        Flux unit - [Const STRING] - "pCi/yr" / "g/yr"
        Number of Time Flux Pairs - [INTEGER]
        Number of Flux types - [INTEGER]
          ;Number of flux types should be 2 for "Surface Water" qualifier.
          ;For all other qualifiers the number of flux types should be 1.
        Number of Progeny - [INTEGER] - 0
        ;  must be set to zero for 1.6+ specifications
      End Line
      For each 'Time Flux Pair'
        A line with:
          Time - [FLOAT]
          Constituent Flux1 - [FLOAT]
            ;adsorbed flux If 2 types, otherwise total mass
          Constituent Flux2 - [FLOAT]
            ;dissolved flux If 2 types, otherwise omit
        End Line
      Next 'Time Flux Pair'
    Next 'Constituent'
  Next 'Data Set'
Next 'Module'

This WFF Example was created using the case_01 test case. For testing information visit the Frames Wiki Wiki Testing page.

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