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Receptor Intakes File (.RIF)

The RIF is the intake of each pollutant. The RIF is the output from the Exposure Pathways (EPF) component and the input to the Health Impacts Component (which produces estimates of health impacts — risk of developing cancer). The Receptor Intakes File data is provided in the Primary Data Communication, File "runname".RIF. Currently the RIF has one qualifier type: "Receptor Intakes".

The following outline is a description of the basic information provided in a RIF. This file may be modified through an API. See the Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information. An example RIF file is included after the outline. Comparing the line-by-line description in the outline to the example should clarify and help locate data contained in the RIF file. Lines beginning with ';' are descriptive comments only and will not appear in the actual RIF.

For each 'Module' producing a RIF section
  A line with:
    Module Name - [STRING]
    Number of Lines in section - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  A line with:
    Number of Header Lines - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  For each 'Header Line'
    A line with:
      Header information - [STRING]
    End Line
  Next 'Header Line'
  A line with:
    Number of Data Sets - [INTEGER]
  End Line
  For each 'Data Set'
    A line with:
      Data set type - [Const STRING] - "acute" / "chronic"
      File Extension - [STRING]
        ;If 'Data Set' is user defined then
        ;  'File Extension' = ""
        ;ElseIf 'Data Set' generated from EPF then
        ;  'File Extension' is passed through from EPF
        ;Else 'File Extension' is a valid PDCF Extension (i.e. "SCF"/ "WCF" / ...)
        ;  The consumed PDCF's extension used to generate this data set
        ;If more than one input file was used to generate this data set then
        ;  Separate each with a semicolon (e.g. "SCF:WCF")
      File Qualifier - [STRING]
        ;If 'Data Set' is user defined then
        ;  'File Qualifier' is the media that exposed this data set
        ;ElseIf 'Data Set' generated from EPF then
        ;  'File Qualifier' is passed through from EPF
        ;Else 'File Qualifier' is a valid PDCF Qualifier for 'File Extension' (i.e. "Sediment" / "Aquifer" / ...)
        ;  The consumed PDCF's qualifier used to generate this data set
        ;If more than one input file was used to generate this data set then
        ;  Separate each with a semicolon (e.g. "Sediment:quifer")
      Number of Exposure Media Points - [INTEGER]
      Number of Age Groups - [INTEGER]
      Number of Constituents - [INTEGER]
    End Line
    For each 'Exposure Media Point'
      A line with:
        X coordinate - [FLOAT]
        X coordinate unit - [Const STRING] - "km"
        Y coordinate - [FLOAT]
        Y coordinate unit - [Const STRING] - "km"
      End Line
    Next 'Exposure Media Point'
    For each 'Age Group'
      A line with:
        Starting Age - [FLOAT]
        Ending Age - [FLOAT]
        Age group unit - [Const STRING] - "yr"
      End Line
      For each 'Constituent'
        A line with:
          Constituent Name - [STRING]
          Constituent ID - [STRING]
          Number of Progeny - [INTEGER] - 0
          ;  must be set to zero for 1.6+ specifications
          Number of Exposure Start Times - [INTEGER]
        End Line
        For each 'Exposure Start Time'
          A line with:
            Exposure Start Time - [FLOAT]
            Exposure Start Time unit - [Const STRING] - "yr"
            Exposure Duration - [FLOAT]
            Exposure Duration unit - [Const STRING] - "yr"
            Number of Exposure Pathways - [INTEGER]
          End Line
          For each 'Exposure Pathway'
            A line with:
              Exposure Pathway Population - [FLOAT]
              Exposure Pathway Name - [STRING]
                ;"Air" / "Indoor air" / "Ground" / "Leafy vegetables" /
                ;"Root vegetables" / "Fruit" / "Grain" / "Beef" /
                ;"Poultry" / "Milk" / "Eggs" / "Soil" / "Swimming" /
                ;"Boating" / "Shoreline" / "Water" / "Fish" / "Mollusks" /
                ;"Crustacea" / "Aquatic plants" / "Showering" / ...
              Exposure Route - [Const STRING]
                ;"Ingestion" / "Inhalation" / "Dermal" / "External"
              Exposure Intake unit - [Const STRING]
                ;"mg/kg/d"  for non-radionuclide ingestion, dermal, inhalation routes
                ;"mg/m3"    for non-radionuclide inhalation routes
                ;"Bq/kg"    for radionuclide external soil routes
                ;"Bq/m3"    for radionuclide external air routes
                ;"Bq/l"     for radionuclide external water routes
                ;"Bq"       for radionuclide ingestion, dermal, inhalation routes
                ;"Sv"       for external route
              Exposure type - [Const STRING]
                ;If 'Exposure Intake unit' = "mg/kg/d" or "mg/m3" then
                  ;"carcinogenic" / "noncarcinogenic"
                ;ElseIf 'Exposure Intake unit' = "Bq/kg" or "Bq/m3" or "Bq/l" then
                ;ElseIf 'Exposure Intake unit' = "Bq" then
                ;ElseIf 'Exposure Intake unit' = "Sv" then
                  ;"radiation dose"
            End Line
            A line with:
              Exposure Intake/concentration/dose - [Set of FLOAT]
                ;one value for each 'Exposure Media Point'
            End Line
          Next 'Exposure Pathway'
        Next 'Exposure Start Time'
      Next 'Constituent'
    Next 'Age Group'
  Next 'Data Set'
Next 'Module'

This RIF Example was created using the case_01 test case. For testing information visit the Frames Wiki Wiki Testing page.

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