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Requirements of the FRAMES Conversion Editor

The FRAMEwork System (FRAMES) is configured, managed, and viewed through a suite of editors, each with its own documentation:

  • Conversion Editor, which manages measures and units used by dictionaries and datasets to automatically convert between different mediums
  • Dictionary Editor, which creates and edits dictionaries used by FRAMES to categorize data
  • Module Editor, which creates and manages the modules that manipulate data by specifying dictionaries
  • Domain Editor, which organizes a palette of modules
  • Simulation Editor, which sets up and runs a simulation.

This documentation is for the Conversion Editor. The Conversion Editor provides an interface for creating, modifying, and deleting conversions. All changes are stored in the convert.csv file located in the same directory as FRAMES. Conversions provide FRAMES with the capability to convert units from or to any desired unit as long as the units' conversion ratios have both been defined. This flexibility provides modelers with the ability to produce data in any desired format without having to consider input factors for other models.

Conversions in FRAMES 2.0 make use of two identifying properties, measures and units. A measure categorizes a collection of units that inherit the same measuring properties. A unit describes the scaling properties between other related units within the same measure. The Conversion Editor speaks directly to the FRAMES system control. Therefore, all conversions must be defined before any references to a unit can be made within any editor of FRAMES 2.0.

This section summarizes requirements for the Conversion Editor. Those interested in setting up a risk scenario and analyzing data should refer to the start up documentation for additional information. Those interested in importing a module into FRAMES should refer to the importation documentation for additional information.

The Conversion Editor has the following requirements:

  1. Operate using the FRAMES 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API) under Windows 98 or higher
  2. Provide an interface for creating, editing, and deleting conversions
  3. Require that all conversions make use of two identifying properties: measures and units
  4. Allow for conversions that use scaling and offset factors
  5. Not allow the user to delete a base unit for a measure on the Conversion Editor tab
  6. Require the user to enter a unique name for each measure or unit
  7. Update the convert.csv file upon selecting "Save" and/or "Save and Exit" from the FRAMES user interface File menu.

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