Documentation for the Conversion Editor of the FRAMEwork System (FRAMES)

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing of the FRAMES Conversion Editor

The FRAMES Conversion Editor was developed under a quality assurance (QA) program that looked at the software life cycle: requirements analysis, design, programming, modification, testing, and implementation. Part of the QA program involves testing each component to ensure that it satisfies its requirements. The requirements section of this documentation provides a list of requirements for the FRAMES Conversion Editor. A test plan was developed with a test case that addressed these requirements. An overview of quality assurance and testing for FRAMES can be found in the system documentation.

An Approach to Ensuring Quality in Environmental Software (Gelston et al. 1998 PNNL-11880)
  • Test Plan for the Conversion Editor
  • Status Report for the Conversion Editor
  • Test bed for the Conversion Editor.

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