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2005 NRC FRAMES 2.0 Workshop

November 15-17, 2005
Rockville, Maryland


The following table includes links to materials used in the November, 2005 NRC FRAMES 2.0 Workshop. These materials were collectively provided under the presentation number indicated above.

Folder Section Topic Documents, Presentations, Example Files, & Links
i Cover -Binder Cover
ii Agenda & Contacts -Contact List Link
Workshop Day 1: Analyst Perspective
1 Overview and Philosophy of FRAMES-2.0 -Overview Presentation
2 Basic Features of FRAMES-2 (Simulation Editor with colors, Drag&Drop, Plug&Play, etc.)
-Frames 2.0 Tutorial Link
3 Problem 1: Building Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) -CSM Builds Presentation
-Problem 1 simulation file
4 Constituent Database Editor (Constituent degradation/decay progeny)
-CDE Presentation
5 Geo-Reference Icon
-Geo-Reference Presentation
6 Problem 2: Battery Example
Accessing references, units, data ranges in module interfaces
-Battery Plant Presentation
-Battery Plant Document

-Simulation Package README
    -Battery Plant Case
      (Simulation Package)
-Battery Plant RAGS Output Example
7 Viewers (Using Battery case to run the RAGS Viewer; other viewers part of Problem 3)
-Viewers Presentation
8 Packager/Unpackager -Packager/Unpackager Presentation
9 Problem 3: Secondary Source Example (Not included in the Workshop)
Materials will be included at a later date.
10 Problem 4: S/U Examples (Simple and Complex)
-Sensitivity Uncertainty Presentation
11 Auto-testing (automated test of Case_01GW)
-Automated Testing Presentation
Workshop Day 2: Developer Perspective
12 Developer Tools -FRAMES 2.0 Editors Intro Presentation
13 (Units) Conversion Editor
-Conversion Editor Presentation
14 DICtionary Editor
-Dictionary Editor Presentation
15 Module (DES) Editor
-Module Editor Presentation
16 Domain Editor
-Domain Editor Presentation
17 FRAMES API (Integrating a CSTR FORTRAN model by modifying the I/O) -CSTR Presentation
-Color Coded Changes
-CSTR Formulations
-Step-by-Step IO API Function Conversions
Workshop Day 3: Applications
18 GENII in FRAMES 2.0 -GENII in FRAMES 2.0 Presentation
19 GMS Linkage: RT3D Single Contaminant Case
-FRAMES GMS Linkage Presentation

-Simulation Package README (Simulation Package) (Simulation Package)

-Examining the Linkage Between FRAMES and GMS

-Groundwater Modeling System Linkage with FRAMES
20 3MRA -3MRA Presentation
21 Rapid Risk Assessment -Rapid Risk Assessment Presentation
22 Bio-Based Modeling -Bio-Based Modeling Presentation
Additional Notebook Materials
23 Staff Biographies -Gene Whelan
-Karl Castleton
-Bonnie Hoopes
-Gariann Gelston
-Mitch Pelton
-Dennis Strenge
-Michael Smith
-Randal Taira
-Kevin Dorow
24 FRAMES 2.0 (Bibliographic) Master Reference List -FRAMES Master Reference List
25 Additional Practice -Case1GW2 Document
26 Printable Posters -Atmospheric Transport Poster
-Rapid Risk Assessment Poster
-Systems Biology Poster






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